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Cinnamon, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Ginger, Ho Wood, Black Pepper, Orange and Lemongrass in a base of Sweet Almond Oil.

15ml bottle of original essential oil blend, with accompanying booklet. Part of the Winter 2017 series made for stories and songs. Mackinaw was made after the song Kimbie, by Jackson C Frank:

‘Kimbie wants a nine-dollar shawl
And I need a Mackinaw
Well Baby, where you been so long?’

In both the song and the scent, I imagine a couple of sweethearts huddled round a campfire, on the run.  The scent evokes the smoke and glow of the campfire; the wood and earth of a forest hideout.

In the base, Vetiver and Cedarwood create the dry earthy comfort of thick wool on a forest floor, while Cinnamon offers warmth and nostalgia.  Ginger, Black Pepper and Ho Wood conjure treetops and campfire silhouetted against a vast inky sky pierced sharply with stars.  Orange is waking with soft morning sunlight on your skin; the freshness of Lemongrass is the cool air and dew.

First Edition of 10 available.