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Poetry Apothecary



My work spans theatre/performance, poetry, prose,

collaborative and visual projects. I enjoy combining writing

with other art-forms, often working with other artists.

For several years I had been personally learning about

essential oils and natural perfumery, as well as researching

alchemy and correspondence - and found that this wanted

to find a place in my work.  This is my thinking behind

'holistic creative practice': to have as few unnecessary

divides in our lives as possible; to better understand how

different areas can speak to each other, and the renewed

sense of possibility this creates.  


In 2016 I made Five Charms for the Potingair - a series of poems and corresponding scent-blends referencing medieval alchemy, perfumery and the Elements; first created as a site-specific installation for StAnza: Scotland's International Poetry Festival.  I have now released Five Charms as a box-set of the five oil blends and poems, and will be producing more work of this kind under the umbrella of Poetry Apothecary.


I wanted to share my research and the techniques behind the work, as well as discover how other people might respond to these ideas.  So in 2016 I designed the first Poetry Apothecary workshop combining scent-blending and writing. It took place at the Falkland Centre for Stewardship in Fife and has had several more outings since then.  


Poetry Apothecary is an ongoing and evolving idea - I hope you find something that inspires you here.





Holistic Creative Practice


Rebecca Sharp: writer, artist

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