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I will be retiring Poetry Apothecary at the end of 2020! It has been a wonderful, inspirational, alchemical journey since I started the project in 2016. I have achieved creatively what I set out to do, and now is a good time to document that, while making space for other things to come in. Will I still be working with alchemy and perfumery? I dare say, yes! They remain core interests of mine, and will likely continue to find expression in my work in some shape or form. I've written a short history of the Apothecary below. I will be letting this website close in December 2020, but will create an archive page over on my main website. So keep in touch at: www.rebeccajoysharp.com. I will still be able to deliver workshops on-demand, though will not be planning any myself - just drop me a line if you have a workshop enquiry: [email protected]


In 2016 I was invited to be Poet-Perfumer in Residence for StAnza: Scotland's International Poetry Festival, following work I'd been doing around poetry and perfumery. Festival Director Eleanor Livingstone invited me to create a site-specific installation within the St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum, which amazingly, happens to house a reconstruction of a Victorian chemist's shop. It was there that I first created Five Charms for the Potingair, an interactive installation of poems and scent-blends, inspired by the medieval alchemists. In 2017 I released this work as a limited edition box-set of the poems and scent-blends - "irresistible" Times Literary Supplement. I released other limited edition literary perfumes: Kimberley, made for the Patti Smith song; Bosco's Tower, after a passage in The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard, referencing Henri Bosco's novel l'Antiquaire; Mackinaw, after the song Kimbie by Jackson C Frank; and POETA after writer Muriel Spark (with artist Michael Curran). Now sold out, I'm happy to make these to order, please enquire: [email protected]


In 2016 I launched the Poetry Apothecary workshop, where we explore connections between poetry and alchemy; working with essential oils to compose original scent-blends with writing. The workshop has taken place several times at Falkland Centre for Stewardship in Fife; also at The Ecology Centre (Kinghorn); Beckside Books (Penrith) with Wild Women Press; Wall Projects (Montrose) and the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. I would like to thank everyone who has supported and participated in the workshops - sharing experiences and inspiration, making the world an even more magical place.


Finally, in 2019 I was invited by Fife Contemporary to bring Poetry Apothecary into a project called CARE: Making For Good - working with a group of adult carers in Fife, for them to design and create their own range of scent-blends. It was a joy and privilege to spend time and work with the group and support their creativity in this way. There are future plans for this project, which seems a fitting way for the Apothecary to move forward.  - - - WISHING YOU FRAGRANT TRAVELS!




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